Travel Systems – Choosing the Right One

Most new parents decide to purchase travel systems for their new additions. A baby travel system is basically a stroller with an attachable infant carrier that doubles as an infant car seat. They are quite practical, because the stroller portion can be used for several years, and the infant carrier serves a double function as car seat and carrier. If you are shopping for baby travel systems, here are some considerations to make.

First, you should understand the benefits of travel systems. One of the main benefits is affordability. You will save money by buying your stroller and car seat in one combined set, and these are both items you will need to have for your new baby.

Travel systems also provide convenience. When you put your baby in the car to drive somewhere, chances are very high he will fall asleep, as the natural motion of the vehicle tends to lull babies to sleep. When you arrive at your destination, a travel system allows you to gently lift the carrier, complete with baby, out of the vehicle and place it in the stroller or shopping cart without lifting the baby and waking him. If you have a car seat that does not double as a carrier, you will have to wake the baby in order to complete your trip.

As you are shopping for travel systems, make sure you choose the right one. First, consider the weight limit on the car seat portion. Most of the affordable travel system options have a weight limit of around 22 pounds. Safety guidelines require infants to stay in a rear-facing seat until they are one year of age and 20 pounds. Many large babies will outgrow the 22-pound weight limit before they reach one year of age and can be safely turned forward. Some parents wish to keep their children rear facing much longer in order to keep them as safe as possible in the car. For this reason, you may wish to shop for a travel system that has a higher weight limit for the car seat.

Another item to inspect on the travel systems you are considering is the durability of the stroller. The best baby travel systems will be used for many years, as the stroller portion can be used well beyond infancy. However, the wheels on many of the strollers are not designed to be used for many years. Choose a travel system that has durable, tire-like wheels if you intend to use the product for the long haul.

Baby travel systems come in a wide range of colors and patterns. If you intend to have more than one child, you may want to choose one that is in a gender-neutral color scheme. This way you can use it for your other children, even if they are not the same gender as your first. Keep in mind that car seats do eventually expire, but with the right travel system, you should be able to get about eight years of use out of this one purchase alone.

Once you consider all your options, you will probably have a nice short list of systems which meet your needs, both short term and long term. Then you can make your final decision and purchase and enjoy day trips and overnight stays with your baby while using your new baby travel system.